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    Calcium Supplements the Right Way!

    Eat, work, play, and rest. But is life actually as easy as this? 

    The answer would definitely be a no! With a drastic change in lifestyle, 9+ hours of working time – may it be work from home or even work from office, taking care of your body has taken a back seat. 

    Our body’s main framework – our bones and joints need care and protection to stand tall and thrive. In this case, calcium is a very important mineral 

    How Do You Get Calcium? 

    Calcium, as not produced by the body, needs to be consumed via food. 

    Here are some calcium rich superfoods that provide your body with calcium. 

    • Dairy products, such as cheese, milk, and yogurt.
    • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale and others
    • Fish like salmon and cardines 
    • Soy products, fruits, cereals. 

    A healthy adult needs at least 1000mg of calcium on a daily basis. 

    For instance,  a litre of milk generally has 1200mg of calcium, but is it possible to drink a litre of milk everyday?  That would certainly be difficult! 

    It is not always possible to have a balanced calcium rich diet. In such a case, bone and joint supplements rich in calcium can prove to be an excellent choice giving the right dosage that our bodies need. 

    Why is Calcium Important for Your Body? 

    It is essential for building your bones and joints, teeth, cardiovascular health and even blood clotting.  Calcium is absorbed by the body in two ways:

    • By eating calcium rich foods
    • By drawing calcium from the bones 

    When you don’t take enough calcium in your daily dose, the body absorbs the calcium from the bones itself. This weakens the bones in the long run causing various issues like back ache, shoulder stiffness, knee pain and even lowering of bone density. This is termed as bone decalcification. 

    Common issues that generally arise from a calcium deficiency are: 

    • Chronic pain in bones and joints 
    • Lower bone density 
    • Risk of osteoporosis 
    • Frequent fractures and prolonged time in healing fractures 
    • Weakened teeth 

    With a packed schedule, gaining the recommended amount of calcium can be a difficult task. Even sitting at a desk in a single position for a long period of time has an adverse effect on the bones and joints. 

    Your calcium requirements can be fulfilled with the help of a good diet supplemented by bone and joint supplements rich in calcium.

    Why Choose Brinton Bone and Joint supplements?

    Brinton Bone and Joint supplements contain Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM), which is easily absorbable, the most bioavailable, and one of the safest forms of Calcium for men and women. 

    These supplements are rich in calcium and vitamin D, and also have an added advantage of ingredients like Hadjod, Vitamin K2-7, Zinc and Vitamin C which holistically care for your bones and joints keeping them strong for a stronger you.


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