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    Nutrition and Hair: The Bond that Never Fails!

    Having a picture perfect good hair day is a dream unachieved for many. One of the many woes that keeps us away from having thick, strong and luscious hair is of course, hair fall. With an ever changing and ever evolving lifestyle, hectic lives, use of too many chemical-based products, stress affects hair. As per study,  around 90% of people face hair fall due to nutritional deficiencies. 

    A well-balanced diet is critical for your precious hair. Necessary supplements offer extra help to enhance hair growth and restoration. While factors such as age, genetics, and hormones also impact hair growth, optimal nutrition intake is key. 

    Reasons for Hair Fall

    • Nutritional Deficiencies – Hair loss more than often 100 strands a day is a result of a lack of the right nutrition needed. It is assumed that eating healthy food is enough. However, the required amount of nutrition when not received by the body results in hair loss.
    • Stress – Whether personal or professional, stress can generally result in hair loss. 
    • Hormonal Changes – Women often experience hormonal changes during various stages of life like during pregnancy, post having a child, after menopause and other stages. Hormonal changes affect the growth cycle of hair and this might lead to increased hair fall.
    • Hereditary/Genetics – Hair loss occurs both in men & women, a hereditary condition plays a vital role, it means that you’ve inherited genes that cause your hair follicles to weaken.

    Vitamins & Minerals for Hair Health

    Biotin – Low levels of Biotin can cause hair thinning whereas optimal levels of biotin help maintain hair health. It can be found in egg yolks, whole grains, and meat.

    • Iron – Red blood cells need iron to carry oxygen. Iron is an important element when it comes to having healthy hair as its deficiency inhibits the production of haemoglobin which plays an important role in hair growth. It can be found in leafy greens, legumes, and red meat.
    • Vitamin C – Vitamin C is important for your gut to absorb iron. As iron is much needed for hair; and for its absorption Vitamin C is needed, adding Vitamin C in your diet becomes a prerequisite. It can be found in citrus fruits like oranges, sweet limes, lemons and leafy greens, bell peppers, etc.
    • Zinc – It is very important in making proteins in your hair and other cells. It can be found in beans, meat, nuts & seeds. 
    • Selenium –  Through seeds like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds,  selenium is gained which is an important mineral for promoting hair growth. 

    Thus, one can include the necessary vitamin supplements in the diet to boost hair growth. They contribute to a healthy immune system, which positively impacts the overall health of the hair. 

    As men and women tend to have different nutritional needs, Brinton Hair Growth Women & Brinton Hair Growth Men are equipped with essential phyto-actives, amino acids and other vital elements that make it a perfect companion on the journey towards healthy hair. 

    Formulated by experts, these premium quality supplements are the perfect blend of natural ingredients backed by science. 


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