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    Why is pH 5.5 So Important?

    Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, this skin, that skin and the list goes on and on! We have seen thousands of skin products that cater to a variety of skin types! But have you ever noticed that sometimes a product does exactly the opposite of what it claims, making oily skin even more oily and dry- even more dry! Leaves you baffled, doesn’t it?

    Well, we understand that and we have a simple answer for the same- check the pH level of the skin product.

    pH – a small term but of significant importance. pH 5.5 is the solution to all your problems. How and why? Let’s try to understand…

    What Exactly is pH? How is it Related to Our Skin? 

    pH stands for potential hydrogen. It is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance.

    Acidity or alkalinity of the skin is determined by its pH level. On a scale of 1-14, 1 is the most acidic, and 14 is the most alkaline.

    It is natural for our skin to fight infection and environmental stresses, and its ability to do so is dependent on its pH level. A balance between acidity and alkalinity is important for your skin.

    Thus, you should pay extra attention to that oh-so-delicate pH balance.

    Why Does pH Matter for Skincare?

    The skin goes through a lot daily, and these changes can affect the skin’s upper layer, also called acid mantle.

    Simply put, the skin’s acid mantle is the protective barrier which protects it from external factors like the environment, viruses, bacteria and any other harsh elements.

    This mantle works excellently when its pH scale of pH 5.5. But we often use products that are either too alkaline or too acidic. This disturbs the acid mantle breaking down the much-needed barrier- and then of course giving an open invitation to skin problems.

    If your skin gets too alkaline, you might experience dryness and flakiness. If the skin becomes acidic, you might face acne issues. This affects the skin in the long term.

    Not just that, even as we age, the skin starts to become more acidic giving rise to age related issues like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, pigmentation and various others.

    It becomes necessary to care for your skin to have a flawless looking, radiant and most importantly healthy looking and feeling skin.

    Using a skincare product with a balanced pH of 5.5 helps greatly in maintaining the necessary pH balance and keeping your skin healthy.

    So, choose safe skincare that lets you shine from within!


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