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Madhurima Debanshi

I started using Brinton Bone and Joint for joint pain. It has been an excellent decision as I can see a huge improvement. Highly recommended!

Khushi Gala

I love my skin the way it is now! Thanks to Brinton hair, skin and nails which has a unique blend of +27 Bio Nutrients like Collagen, Biotin and Green tea extracts. Not just my skin, but hair and nails too. A must try product!


In testing times of pandemic, building immunity was top-most priority. That’s when I started using Brinton Vitamin C+ chewable tablets. They are sugar free, a delicious orange flavor and an excellent choice to take care of your immunity.

Mansi Kashyap

Being a working woman, my health was being neglected. To improve my overall health, I started with Brinton Multivitamin Women which has greatly helped me.

Ammu Negi

With a hectic lifestyle, I had a lot of lower back pain. With consistent use of Brinton Bone and Joint, I can see good difference. It has calcium 1000 mg, vitamin d3 & k2-7, hadjod, and other essential minerals.

Mamta Sejwal

After using Brinton Multivitamin women, I can see a noticeable difference in my health. It also has Lycopene and Zinc to maintain heart health and I feel energetic and healthier.

Shuaib Haneef

I was a bit skeptical to go for a fish oil capsule considering impurities. After a thorough research I came across Brinton Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules. Their extraction process and stringent filtration made me confident regarding this product. A trustworthy product for sure!

Asif Kazi

First and foremost thing in resistant training is strength of bones when it comes to pushing your body beyond normal capacity, so I keep calcium in my arsenal.


With the consistent use of Brinton Vitamin C+, I saw that my frequent colds stopped. It helped me in regulating my immunity and one of the best parts was that it improved my skin health as well. Overall a good product.

Mohd Hamdaan
New Delhi

I started taking Brinton Omega 3 Vegan capsules for improvement in my overall health. It is rich in EPA and DHA. Generally, DHA is difficult to find in vegetarian supplements but these capsules have it making them one of the best Omega 3 in the market.

Arjun Arora

I have used Brinton magnesium tablets for my stiffness and muscle cramps. It has 310 elemental magnesium per tablet which is higher than other magnesium tablet with other salts. Definitely will recommend to others!

Gaurav Kaushik

I started using Brinton Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules for getting a balanced nutrition. It has 3X EPA & DHA in every dose, unlike other brands making it one of the best Omega 3 supplement in the market. Highly recommended product.

Abhi Grover

My search for a good hair growth tablet ended with Brinton hair growth tablets for men which have Biotin, phyto active complex and other essential ingredients. A very good product.

Aftab Sayyed

In this pandemic, I was not getting enough sleep. I started with Brinton melatonin tablets which have amazing ingredients like Tagar, Ashwagandha, and Jatamansi and it helped me get back on track with my sleep schedule .

Jatin Sharma
New Delhi

I used to think flaxseeds are a rich source of Omega 3 for vegetarians, but I realized EPA and DHA are equally important which we do not get from flaxseeds. My search ended with Brinton Omega 3 Vegan Capsules!

Ramesh Pillai

It’s a powerful combo of Phyto-actives, essential minerals and vitamins to boost stamina, energy, natural beauty, eye health and stronger bones. Just remember to take every day for the best results.

Aditya Yadav
New Delhi

Irregular & long working hours disturbed my sleep cycle completely. So, I started taking this Natural sleep supplements. Now, I'm having good sleep and I feel relaxed without any addiction.

Gauri Shelke

Exams, pandemic…caused stress and affected my sleep. Brinton Natural Sleep Care worked wonders and helped me to sleep properly. I feel fresh and energetic in the morning.

Shruti Gupta

Best option for vegetarians. It contains 1000 mg Omega 3 which is rich in EPA & DHA unlike other sources of Veg Omega 3. Quality product both the packaging and content.

Ashwin Kotamkar

Brinton Omega 3 is one of the best Omega 3 in the market. It contains 550 mg EPA & 350 mg DHA in 1 capsule, which is more than other reputed brands. These capsules don't have fishy burps or bad smell.

Gaurav Borde

I feel energetic and active throughout the day since I have started taking “Brinton Multivitamin Men”. Brinton products are really good and complete my daily nutritional requirement.

Ankita Dadwal

All in one solution for my healthy and glowing skin from within. I don't have to take many supplements for my daily nutritional requirements. Revitalizing Phyto-actives, Collagen, Essential Vitamins & Minerals made my skin smoother, reduced hair fall & Nails brittleness.

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